About Us

FF(1)With more than a decade of career travel, event and international airline experience, Sydney-based Sarah Finn has parlayed her senior-level success into a new entrepreneurial venture. As Founder & CEO of Event Based Training, Sarah saw a market that combined her well-tread expertise in global cultures & events planning with her ever increasing knowledge and passion for health & fitness. And with Sarah’s global contacts in the travel and airline business, she is able to offer customers discounted prices for far-reaching events that the general public does not have access to.

Working as a qualified Personal Trainer and based within the George Street Platinum Fitness First facility in Sydney, EBT offers training for all different types of events, both in Australia and overseas. Sarah caters to athletes and all individuals, with customized training designed to ensure that each client’s goals are met and/or that they are in peak for a particular event.

In addition, EBT specialises in fat loss transformations, nutritional and supplement guidance, individual programs, corporate, small group training, HIIT and crossfit. Her unique events range from helping individuals lose a few kgs for a special day… to a Tough Mudder (a team-oriented 18-20 km obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental dexterity).

Sarah brings to the business personal sporting experience as a representative swimmer, more than 10 years of weight training and enthusiasm for crossfit. She has also fought her way back from a number of deliberating illnesses and injuries that ultimately resulted in dramatic weight gain.

She shares, “At this point in my life, I learned so much about what the body can and cannot do, and the mental and physical challenges that come with being overweight. To get back in shape, I did it the old-fashioned way—with time, a lot of goal-setting, healthy eating and with a highly-skilled personal trainer—along with my copious amount of study on the topic. I knew then that I wanted to give back, and pass on my knowledge and experience as a personal trainer.”

Event Based Training (EBT) is located inside Sydney CBD: George St Platinum at Suncorp. Place, 259 George Street in Sydney, 2000.